Technology Grant Update

I’m saddened to say that my grant proposal for the use of iPads for Lecture, Lab and Clinical in Paramedic Education was not selected for funding. Unfortunately, that is all the information I have to offer at this point – I’m still awaiting the scores and comments from the reviewers to see how I may improve upon or better describe how my idea would be beneficial to our students, our program, and our college as well as students in other programs at other schools.

In the meantime I’m seeking alternative funding and grant opportunities and I’m hopeful that I will be able to secure the funds and resources by the Spring 2013 semester. At the very least I plan on improving upon and expanding the idea and reapplying for the grant again next spring.

I am determined to bring more technology into every aspect of Paramedic education to enhance learning and to ensure that our students receive the best education that they can.


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