Technology Grant: 2013 Edition

Well… once again I’ve done a terrible job keeping up with posts here. Lots of things have been going on and I do have plenty of things I think are worth mentioning – so stick with me, I promise that there will be insightful and entertaining things here (even if they take a while to see the light).

In recent news, the technology grant I submitted a proposal for last year (that wasn’t funded :() was announced to be offered again this year. I took the comments and feedback that I received from last year’s proposal and made some revisions and improvements and submitted an application for the same basic principal. (If you’re unfamiliar, you can read about it here, here, and here).

As far as the grant application for this year goes, I’m quite satisfied with the changes that I made. I really am convinced that putting iPads in every Paramedic Students’ hands on day 1 and using them in Lecture, Lab, and Clinical will significantly improve the education value of our program and will produce more capable providers. I’m incredibly hopeful that the reviewers will see the potential here, too, and this proposal gets selected for funding.

So – at this point it’s a waiting game until the selections are made. Grant applications were due on March 1st, and the tentative award notification is May 6. Until then, it’s getting pushed to the back of my mind since there’s no use in worrying about it in the mean time.

Check back for updates on this. Should the funding be granted I’ll also be using this blog to document our Program’s journey in implementation.

Over and out.


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