Technology in Paramedic Education

For those of you that know me you’re well aware that in February of last year I started on the fast track to becoming an EMS educator. For those of you that don’t know me, well… now you know that, too. I’ve now been the Clinical Coordinator for a Paramedic Program for over a year now and what a journey it has been.

The latest leg of my journey in the world of education is my first grant application. A week ago today I submitted a grant for a project I’m pursuing in Innovative Instruction Technology. The purpose of the grant, itself, is to bring technology into classrooms across college campuses and the projects that receive funding will be those that are expandable and adaptable throughout the state. I plan on sharing my journey through this project through this blog, starting today with my introduction to my project and the process involved with applying. Hopefully this won’t be the last post about this project – but that depends on the outcome of the grant awards which won’t be announced until the end next month.

In this post I plan on giving a general overview of the project and my plan. Some details of the project may come as a surprise to those reading that know me personally, but will all be explained shortly.

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